Content Marketing Strategy: Evergreen Content

If you decided to invest time in content marketing, why not invest it even more effectively? When done right, content marketing can show great results. We use it to attract new customers for Hiplay tool. And it really works. The only problem – content creation is long and pricey process. We will share our tips on how to get better results with less effort.

Create more evergreen content

88% of B2B companies and 76% of B2C companies are doing content marketing, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute. This is a lot of content! And you have to stand out in all this overloaded world. Want to hear about one very effective content marketing strategy? Create content that can last!

88% of B2B companies and 76% of B2C companies are doing content marketing Click To Tweet

What is evergreen content? Content that isn’t tied to a specific time or trend. Content that will be meaningful if someone reads it in a month or year as when they read it today. Evergreen content is a very powerful tool for bringing traffic to your page. And sometimes it is even easier to create. We at Hiplay always try to create blog posts that are evergreen. Of course timely, specific, non-evergreen content is important too! We simply suggest to invest more time in evergreen posts.

what is evergreen content

One more tip. Evergreen does not mean unchanging so you need to review it from time to time. And it is a lot easier to make a few updates to keep your content relevant than it is to create a whole new post.

So next time you sit to create a new post ask yourself “if I read this a year from now, will it still be relevant?”.

Reshare your evergreen content

Many people doing content marketing aren’t getting good results from it. Only 30% of B2B marketers say their content marketing is effective. As Brian Sutter says “Most companies aren’t following content marketing best practices. For instance, they’ve got the content creation part down, but they aren’t actually marketing that content. Or they’re getting content marketing confused with advertising and trying to sell too hard.”

Only 30% of B2B marketers say their content marketing is effective. Click To Tweet

Share your evergreen content more than once. Even better – share it constantly. Hiplay tool helps you do that easily. Worried you will bore your audience by re-sharing the same content? Please stop. You probably know that Facebook reach is in the single digits. Tweets have a lifespan of less than an hour. Usually only a few seconds. In reality, your audience is seeing less than 10% of what you publish. And don’t forget – you always gain new followers! That means if you re-share evergreen content once a week for several months, they’ll probably see each piece one time. All good! You can read more about our own case-study.

sharing content on social media

We asked our customers how many times they shared blog posts on social media before using Hiplay. As you can see majority shared it less than 3 times. Such a waste of valuable content that still has a lot of potential. Be smarter, share it many times and you will see the result for yourself. There is nothing to loose anyway!

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